Altitude Plus

Truck Name: Altitude Plus
Owner Name: Ed Socie
Hometown: Fullerton, California

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  1. Jon Socie

    To Whom It May Concern,

    WOW! Such a great honor for my brother to be inducted into the “International Monster Truck Hall of Fame”. Those years back in the eighties in Fullerton, was a very busy time for me & my brother Ed.

    During that time, I was not only part of the operation for many years, but was very active in the motion picture film business as crew; and was a “roadie” for a well known ‘heavy metal’ band on the MCA / Metal Blade records label…what a great life!
    To this day in 2013 I am more busier than ever in the film industry in Los Angeles and managed to write a couple screen stories.

    So in closing, I will definitely pass this info on to my brother when I see him; and to all of the great people who supported us here in our home base of Orange County / Fullerton, California and as far as the east coast & Tokyo, Japan, you all are awesome people and wish everyone the very best in life!

    Best always,

    Jon Socie
    Calif. film crew / productions
    & ‘Metal Head’ by nature

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