Arizona Equalizer

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  1. Patrick Martin


    This truck was built, owned, and raced by my father Michael L. Martin. I have a lot more info and pictures. let me know if you are interested I am sure my dad would be more than willing to give out the information and pictures.

  2. Brandy Akin

    Isn’t it true that Rick Bicker built and owned
    The Arizona Equalizer? Mike Martin, but his cousin stove it 4 a little while but did not build it or own it. I know this 2 b true because I’m Ricks daughter

  3. Michael Martin


    Ricky helped build it with me I funded it and drove it. I left the state for a month and stored it at Ricky’s. When I came back Ricky had aleady sold it and there was nothing I could do about it. You can ask Larry Martinez, who’s shop it was built at, and see what he says. I went back to NY after that so I could be with my son. Hope you are doing well, I always liked you when you were a kid.

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