Barbarian (Bruce Gault)

Truck Name: Barbarian
Owner Name: Bruce Gault
Hometown: San Jose, California


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  1. Mike Sepulveda

    I know Bruce from the 80’s. His Barbarian Chevy Van is what got me started in monster trucks.
    I got to help a bit when Bruce converted the 2 1/2 ton, 48″ tire van into a 5 ton, 66″ tire van. Bruce
    sold me his trailer to haul my first truck, The Battle Beast. I have pictures of the van if you need them.

    1. bruce gault

      Thanks mike ,is all ok with you ?Hope so long time no see.

  2. bruce gault

    Thanks Mike long time no see is all alright with you?

    1. Mike Sepulveda

      Hi Bruce, we are all doing well. Great to hear from you. Still trying to get my trucks
      listed on this site. If you get a chance google ‘ The Battle Beast monster truck’ and
      you can see some pics of my truck. Terry Woodcock helped me get some of the parts
      I used to built it. Jess Burgy (RIP) and a few others gave me insite into building it. Sarah
      says Hi. Hope all is well with you. Mike

  3. Rick Valles

    You use to come over to tired salvage in Milpitas. We did some tired work for you.

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