Truck Name: Battle-Ax
Owner Name: Craig Weaver
Hometown: Garner, Iowa


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  1. Heather M. Weaver

    The Battle Ax was my Dad, Craig Weaver’s, truck. Those were the days.

  2. Ron Wilson

    I built a 1/24 scale model of that truck in 1982.I lived in Ham Lake Minnesota at the time and drove down to Garner and took pictures of it.After it was built I went out Toma and showed Craig and Brent,it was pretty awesome.Heather,if you would like this model,I will give it to you.Just tell me where to send it.I can email pictures of it if you would like.That model was built out of six different models,been with me ever since,it’s time to give it a new home.Thanks,Ron Wilson.

    1. Brent Weaver

      Ron if you have that model yet I would like to see it again
      Brent Weaver 641 430 3897

    2. Brent Weaver

      The Battle Ax model would look good on the shelf with some other keepsakes I have from our old pulling days Brent Weaver 641 430 3397

  3. Ron Wilson

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond,I haden’t checked this site in awhile. My phone # is 320-310-1328. Call me and tell me where I should send the model to you.

  4. Tom

    Does anyone have pictures of Battle Axe? I would love to show my grandson that awesome machine. I remember you broke an axle in Duluth MN and how a lot of people were trying to get you one, so many years ago but like yesterday. I lost all my pictures.
    Thanks from an old fan.

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