Truck Name: Lon-Ranger
Owner Name: Gary Bauer
Driver Name: Gary Bauer
Hometown: Vienna, Ohio



  1. Mike

    Was this truck always black? I’ll have to go through my old photo albums but I could swear that when I saw it years ago-can’t remember where, maybe at Toledo Speedway-the truck was blue. I guess it doesn’t really matter though. I’ve always preferred GMC trucks myself but all of my truly close friends know that I do own 2 Rangers that I hold near n dear!

  2. Adam Haught

    We are having a car show at our FedEx Freight facility in Youngstown this August and was wondering if you would be interested in bringing your truck down for the kids. We will have a big turnout with a lot of kids and getting a lot of requests for a Monster truck. Thank you for your time.

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