Mississippi Bullfrog

Truck Name: Mississippi Bullfrog
Owner Name: Farrell Loden
Hometown: Amory, Mississippi



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  1. Chad Garner

    Great picture of the Bullfrog from Nashville 1987. I grew up around this truck my entire life and it brings a smile to see some old photos from the glory days. Unfortunately the truck was parked in a garage for about 15 years after someone filed a lawsuit against the owner in the early 90s. The Bullfrog was sold in 2006 to a gentle from the Fairview, MS area. His plans were to fix the truck up, however he dismantled the truck and it has been sitting out in the weather rusting away for about 7 years.

  2. Jeremy Andert

    I know that Bigfoot, Bullfrog, Casper, Crimson Giant, Mad Dog, and No Problem were there in Nashville at The Nashville Motor Speedway, but what were the racing brackets, who won, and what date was this. Was this also a TNT Event?

  3. heath

    it’s a shame that he would let it go down like that I had the orange crush Truck but hadn’t no more money to put in to it after kids where born so to keep that to happening to my monster Truck I sold it to the ford dealer shop in amory Ms so it could be seen by everyone around

  4. heath

    Anyone have any old pics of the Truck

  5. Cole

    I actually saw it today. A buddy of mine bought it and is fixing it up

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