Truck Name: Casper
Owner Name: Dale Harris
Driver Name: Dale Harris
Hometown: Pearl, Mississippi



  1. Jennifer Brook Harris Albritton

    Dale Harris owner, creator, driver of Casper monster truck passed away November 2012 he will forever be missed his love and legacy lives on through his girls.

  2. Teresa fine

    I am so sorry to hear of Dale passing away. I wish I had known it. I was with Dale in San Antonio Texas with my Monster Sudden Impact. It made me sick when Casper threw the drive shift through the oil pan causing Casper not to be able to run again after that.Dale was one of the best drivers in the country. He taught me a lot about driving my truck…He took me under his wing and told me the duo’s and Don’t and when I mean he told me …It was a down right lecture! We did a lot of things together through our friendship (Really crazy Dale stuff) I’m pretty sure you knew that he was fun loving and fearless. THAT’S the Dale that I was so lucky to meet at my first show inside the Biloxi coliseum. A new woman on the circuit. He took care if me…we traveled to Pearl many times. He made my truck awsome. He would come to Alabama and stop by to visit us and sometimes spend the night :) R.I.P. Dale… our times together will live in my heart forever and I will truly miss all the good times we spent together !!! Love you Dale ♡♡♡♡

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