Crimson Giant

Truck Name: Crimson Giant
Owner Name: Marvin Smith
Driver Name: Marvin Smith
Hometown: Arnold, MO
Date/ Year Built: 1984
People Involved in the Building: Marvin Smith & friends
Specifications: 1980 Chevrolet body, blown gas with 2 predator carburetors, 486 cubic inch, 400 turbo transmission
Where did it come from?: Built from scratch 
Current Status: Unknown
Media Featured In: The truck was featured in numerous magazines, books and on ESPN
Firsts/ Accomplishments: It was built with the latest technology. It was one of the first to do side by side racing & free- style competition



  1. John ( Tom) Hodges

    Remember him building this truck. We worked on several jobs together and went by his home some times to see how he was doing with building of it. Road on back in bed of truck in a parade at Country Days in Farmington, MO

  2. Alexander T

    A man named Russ Scholar worked on this too, didn’t he?

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