Truck Name: Cyclops
Owner Name: Gary Gardiner
Hometown: Bakersfield, California



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  1. Steve sipe

    I got pics when the truck s blu e and at rfk in dc my uncle louie welded on your trailer back in the 1980.s.



    1. John Hall

      Tami, I was with your dad in LA and put up some of the original monies to purchase cyclopse. Your dad and I use to fly out of Bakersfield friday nights to the east coast for the show on saturday night. I was just thinking of those days and put it in the computor and there were the pictures. Thought I would say Hi and hope Gary is doing well. Thanks, John

      1. David

        Any idea where the original truck is now days? My dad was Fred Dykman.

      2. Gardiner

        I would love to talk to you, David ect. If you get this plz let me know, thank you.. Gary’s daughter and biggest fan

  3. Tharon franklin

    Hi John my name is Tharon i also live in Bakersfield..Do you have any idea where cyclops is now?

    1. Denver Echternkamp

      Cyclops rebirth is happening right now in Illinois by the present owner

  4. John Hall

    Tharon, I do not know where the truck is now. Another cyclops site stated it was purchaced by someone else in 2009 and was coming back to bakersfeild. Thats all I know at this point.


    1. Denver Echternkamp

      The original Cyclops is in Illinois with Terry Woodcock, awaiting a restoration while the newest Cyclops is being built

      1. David

        Great to read all this news, would love to see current pics of the truck. My dad was the original builder in the 70’s.

  5. cody garrett

    actual builder behind this was robert lee moore sr. lived most of his life in bakersfield california, son is robert lee moore jr. robert sr. was the who who actually built the engine from the ground up and drove the truck when it made world champion, i personally helped remove the monster truck frame from the truck and convert this down to a street rod 4×4 now able to drive on the streets, its home is bakersfield california once again. still there to this day.

    1. Tom Finch

      No Robert did not build this truck. He worked on engines but did not actually build truck. I know this because I was the fabricator/welder.

    2. Gardiner

      Gary Gardiner bought the original blue truck with the name “cyclops” included in the sale. He rebuilt, redesigned and came up with a unique system for the truck that set the monster truck world on fire. mud bog and national champion gary gardiner, owner and driver of cyclops. Robert moore worked for Gary Gardiner and was trusted to drive the truck to the show on the east coast. The truck never showed up at the dome. Robert moore stole Cyclops from Gary, parted the truck and built the undertaker and who knows what. Gary never got the truck back, by the time it was said and done, he got back a few parts from the big truck, original red white and blue Cyclops design him, his brother and his dad drafted had been ripped from their lives. Baby Cyclops, and the few things were all Gary ever got back in the end. Now, would you like to continue about Robert moore? I can continue trust me. His legacy will live on through us, but not until the truth lives and the thieves and liars are stopped from telling stories that are full of lies and deceipt.

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