Deuce’s Wild

Truck Name: Deuce’s Wild
Owner Name: Dale Hancock
Hometown: ??



  1. david

    the home town of the deuces wild is evansville indiana i grew up a block away from this truck .it was so cool as a kid to be able to geet that close to a monster truck,he kept the truck parked outside his garage facing covert ave so everyone could see it ,

  2. Jeremy Harris

    I remember Dale laying it on its side one night in Roberts Stadium in Evansville.He went thru the mud pit and when he went to go over the cars he slid off.Many years later I was told that the She Devil 4×4 Camaro we used for mudbogging had the original 2 1/2 ton axles that Dale used on this truck,no way to verify that but always thought it was cool.

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