Flying Fire

Truck Name: Flying Fire
Owner Name: Mike Welch
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

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  1. Joseph Packard

    Good afternoon

    I am trying to find any information on Flying Fire Monster Truck with the 10 foot tall tires. I would like duplicate it but maybe with taller tires. The old saying here in TEXAS is that we are either BIGGER or BETTER. I am in the process of opening a Four Wheel Drive business here in Arlington, Texas. I have been looking for Monster Truck pictures that sported the 10 foot tall or taller tires. I would like any information on any of them, so I can build some up so they can sit in front of the business. It is time to get more of the younger generation into the sport. Here in TEXAS we have the tall trucks, which came in handy with Hurricane Harvey in Houston. So if you have any pictures and information on any of the trucks that had the 10 foot or taller tires, I would appreciate it. Maybe you may have contact information on them also.

    Thanking You
    Joseph Packard
    Arlington, Texas

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