Monster Mash

Truck Name: Monster Mash
Owner Name: Mike Welch
Driver Name: Mike Welch
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington


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  1. Barry Smits

    When I was in high school we used to do a lot of cruising on Fri and Sat nights. Back then Mike Welch had become incensed with jacking up his old Ford. It got to the point where in order to cruise it he had to leave out the front driveline because of the severe angle. I remember one night at “Herfys” someone parked an MG midget under that old Ford. Mike and I were aquaintances and both had hot rods. and were part of a small group who were constantly modifying and swapping engines. I believe that one of the big block 454 engines that rode in Monster Mash came out of my 1970 1/2 Z/28 Camaro. From all the farmboy,logger hillbillies from Whatcom County Washington….our hats are off to Mike Welch who stayed true and is living his dream to build and race monster trucks.

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