Outlaw 35

Truck Name: Outlaw 35
Owner Name: Kenny Fewox
Driver Name: Kenny Fewox
Hometown: Polk City, Florida



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  1. neil fewox

    so thats what my kin folks do down in polk county,fl.

    1. sheri bailey

      My dad, Clint Bailey, drove that truck! He also had an Outlaw 35 belt buckle!

  2. Jeremy Andert

    Does anyone anything about the event where this truck and Michigan Ice Monster were at?

  3. Luke

    I found a very said video of Outlaw 35 on Youtube. According to the video the truck is in Finland. The video is from 2010 but given the condition the truck was in when the video was shot. I highly doubt that anything has been done to it. I hope someone can get her back to the states where she belongs.


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