Samson I

Truck Name: Samson I
Owner Name: Don Maples
Driver Name: Don Maples
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama



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  1. steve

    i rember the first time i saw samson. awesome truck any die cast 1/18.? steve

  2. terry morgan (catfish)

    Bring back a lot of memories. Was don’s crew chief back in the 80′ l have pic when the truck was being build. I will send . When I locat them

  3. Tanya Maples

    I am Donald Maples daughter Tanya Maples. This does bring back a lot of good memories. It was pretty cool growing up with Samson in your back yard or being picked up from school when he had just gotten back from being out of town and walking outside and there is Samson on the back of a big rig. He worked really hard and had a great career. I am proud of you daddy.

    1. Cory Winger

      Was always my favorite truck. Starting a replica this spring.

      1. Richard Scott

        Cory, have you started the replica of Samson 1 yet ?

    2. Chris

      I remember passing the house he built it at when i was a kid. He would have it out side sometimes

  4. jimmy j harrington

    This was the monster truck that got me interested in building one. I met Don at one of the first shows he did with Samson, it was in Hollywood Fla. We became friends and I helped him at several shows after that. He helped me a great deal in building my truck and even sold me some parts for mine. Samson was also the first monster truck I rode in and Don also let me ride with him during a car crush, no seat belts no helmets, the good old days LOL. I still consider Samson 1 the best monster truck ever built. Thanks for everthing Don, Jimmy Harrington Boss Gator

  5. Billy Ware

    Don Maples was one of the firsr builders/owners and drivers in the business. If you look real close at current truck setups they are based on Dons initial design for Sampson. They have been improved but they started with his work in the industry. He was not only a self supported builder with no sponsor help and yet was competitive with those trucms sponsored by Ford and Chevrolet. Don should have been in the Hall of Fame from its start. He worked hard to make and keep the fans happy. He was a real pioneer and should be recognized as such for what he did for the monster truck industry.

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