Texas Armadillo

Truck Name: Texas Armadillo
Owner Name: Gabriel Montez
Driver Name: Gabriel Montez
Hometown: Alice, Texas



  1. Felsha Montez

    Correction: The original owner and driver is my dad Gabriel Montez in those photos that’s my dad driving not Danny Gonzales!!

  2. Jeff

    I remember the Texas armadillo, Danny approached my dad at Grant North Pack to purchase the axles for the truck. We lived in Alice in 1984-1988. Danny use to be avregular at jays on hwy 281. Im42 now and live in ky now. I was telling my son about one of the orginal monster trucks. I rember when he flipped it at Mathis lake drinking and giving the truck hell. Long live the armadillo

  3. Ruben Longoria

    Double that on Felisha’s comment…. Owner was Gabriel Montez from Alice, TX

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