The Eagle

Truck Name: The Eagle
Owner Name: Dave Spiker
Hometown: Lakeland, Florida



  1. Claudia Spiker

    I really wish I was alive at the time this was being made and I forgot that uncle david owned it!

  2. David Spiker

    Me too baby! Me too!
    It was a beauty! Never claimed
    to be the first. But the Eagle was one
    of just a few. Uncle Steve was the driver.
    Uncle David

  3. david kerman

    My wife and i just went to monsterjam in glendale Az last week and i told her when i was a kid i got to ride out of the coliseum in Lubbock Tx in the mid 70’s and this was the truck i rode in. What an awesome memory. I got to pull the American flags out of the stakes and lay them in the bed of the truck so we could exit the stadium.

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