Wild Hair (Marvin Smith)

Truck Name: Wild Hair
Owner Name: Marvin Smith
Driver Name: Marvin Smith
Hometown: Arnold, MO
Date/ Year Built: 1991
People Involved in Building: Marvin Smith 
Specification: Blown-injected alcohol, 1200 horsepower, 1991 Chevrolet body painted to look like a tiger
Current Status: Still running
Media Featured In: The truck was featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, books, trading cards and toys First/ Accomplishments: Participation in make-a-wish organization, Wild Hair toys sold worldwide, featured in the US Hot Rod Tour

Where Did It Come From?

– The name “Wild Hair” was purchased by TNT Motorsports for Marvin Smith


  1. jeannette carver

    Marvin Smith was one of the great pioneers in monster trucks and I feel he should be nominated for the Monster Truck Hall of Fame.

  2. Alan Fenstermaker

    Current status of the truck is incorrect. The truck hasn’t been running in many years. It’s been brought to Performance Inc. in Sparta, Mo. for a complete restoration.

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