Bad News Travels Fast

Truck Name: Bad News Travels Fast
Owner Name: Brandon Derrow
Driver Name: Brandon Derrow
Hometown: Elkton, VA
Previous Owner Name: Bruce Haney and Jami Haney (1998-2011)
Hometown: Bronson, FL
People Involved in Building: PEI
Description: Always sported a Chevrolet body with different versions of a paper boy on the side. Since ’98 the truck has been black, white, red, orange, and purple.
Originally Built: 2004
Body Style: 2008 Chevrolet Silverado
Engine: 565 ci Merlin
Horsepower: 1800
Transmission: 2 speed Powerglide
Transfer Case: SCS
Axles: Rockwell F-106
Tires: Firestone 66x43x25

Where Did It Come From?

– The original Bad News Travels Fast was the old leaf spring Excaliber truck driven by Charlie Pauken.

Media Featured In

– Monster Jam

Firsts/ Accomplishments

– 2013 Monster Jam Arena Wheelie of the year award. Part of 1st ever Fox Sports 1 Championship series.

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