Grave Digger V

Truck Name: Grave Digger V
Owner Name: Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger name/body owned by Dennis Anderson until ’99, the by Feld Entertainment ’99-current)
Driver Name: Pablo Huffaker
Hometown: Tomball, Texas

Where Did It Come From?

– This truck was the first tube chassis built by Huffaker in 1992, originally ran as Just Show’n Off II before the deal with Dennis Anderson to run Grave Digger was made in 1993.

Where Did It Go?

– After building a new chassis, Huffaker later sold this chassis to Mark Wheeler who campaigned it as Terraduster IV.


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  1. Paul Pickering

    The 2nd, 4th, and last picture here is actually 10 in it’s original form. It was reworked for 96. The only pictures here of the Jus Show’n Off chassis is the 1st and 3rd one.

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