Bigfoot 21

Truck Name: Bigfoot 21
Owner Name: Bob Chandler
Driver Name: Dan Runte
Hometown: Hazelwood, Missouri

Where Did It Come From?

– Bigfoot 4×4 purchased a Concussion Motorsports chassis in November 2012 and completed the truck, debuting it in early 2013.


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  1. Alvin Banks

    Reading all of the information that is printed above the photos will confuse some people that are not devoted Bigfoot 4×4 fans. Bigfoot 4×4 purchased two Concussion Motorsports chassis.The photos and chassis number are listed as #21 but only #18 is completed. #19 and #20 are different design makes as well and they too are completed. On Bigfoot’s Facebook page it shows the number 21 being covered up by green tape and the number 22 wrote over it.

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