Don Borders

Don Borders_MG_1114Name: Don Borders
Owner & Driver
Name Of Truck: My Mistress
Description: 1st was a 1974 Chevy 1/2 ton, 2nd was a 1992 Chevy
Year Started: 1984
Year Finished: 2001
Average Number of Shows or Appearances Per Year: 10-15
Contributions to Sport/ Industry: I feel I was a tribute to the sport by helping all my peers and always putting on a safe and clean show.
Largest Accomplishment in Sport/ Industry: Was a MTRA Inspector & worked for the last several years as a event coordinator, truck builder & promoter. Always tried to make a safe and great show for the fans.
Contributors and/or people you would like to thank: Dan Patrick ,Bob Chandler, Tim & Mark HallĀ  all for helping me get into & being a part of this great industry. I would like to feel that as a owner/ builder/ driver & coordinator I have been able to help this sport be where it is at today. ANd now trying to help my son continue on with his dream. Thanks to all who have helped me and my son through the years. I am here till the end. God bless us all!!