Robert B. Chandler

Bob Chandler imtm1Name: Robert B. Chandler
Owner & Driver
Name Of Truck: Bigfoot, Snakebite, Ms Bigfoot, Fastracks, etc.
Description: Monster Trucks
Year Started: 1974
Year Finished: The way things are going today, never.
Average Number of Shows or Appearances Per Year: Average over 750 performances per year in 23 countries
Contributions to Sport/ Industry: Built the worlds first Monster truck, Started the Monster Truck Motorsports Industry, With George Carpenter started the Monster Truck Racing Association, Chairman of the Board of MTRA for 20 years, Also with George Carpenter built the first RII, an industry safety standard, Built the first all tube chassis, gas shock suspension MOnster Truck, another industry standard, Member of the Board of Directors of IMTM
Largest Accomplishment in Sport/ Industry: MTRA, the Monster Truck Motorsport, world wide safety standard, First person to be inducted into the IMTM Hall of Fame
Contributors and/or people you would like to thank: Marilyn Chandler, Jim Kramer, Ann and Bob Trent, All the Bigfoot employees, & George Carpenter