Wayne Smozanek

Wayne Smozanek_MG_1120Name: Wayne Smozanek
Owner & Driver
Name Of Truck: Nightlife, Tropical Thunder
Description: Track attack- El Camino tank (formerly owned by Dave Wiezorik) Nightlife- Burgandy Chevy leaf spring truck Tropical Thunder- white chevy coil over truck
Year Started: 1989
Year Finished: unknown
Average # of Shows or Appearances Per Year: 45-50+ depends on year
Contributions to Sport/ Industry: Rookie Driver of the year, MTRA board member, SRO Pace, TNT Series, Penda, Monster Jam
Largest Accomplishment in Sport/ Industry: Rookie of the year, never missed show, always on time, professional attitude, personable & friendly
Contributors and/or people you would like to thank: Late Ted Holden (person who helped me get the first truck) Allen Pezo, Army Armstrong, Wendy (wife) and many friends and family that supported me daily