Marvin Smith

Name: Marvin Smith
Name Of Truck: Crimson Giant, Stomper II & Wild Hair
Year Started: 1984
Year Finished: 1995
Average Number of Shows or Appearances Per Year: 30
Contributions to Sport/ Industry: I was one of the first to do side by side racing and one of the first NPRA. I promoted monster trucks in the media especially on television and radio.
Largest Accomplishment in Sport/ Industry: When I drove Stomper, I was sponsored by General Motors through TNT Motorsports. Wild Hair and Stomper were made into toys and sold worldwide.
Contributors and/or people you would like to thank: I’d like to thank TNT Motorsports, United States Hot Rod, Main Attraction Sports, Ed Beckley Motorsports, all the fans and MTRA for it’s contributions in keeping the sport safe.