Truck Name: Eradicator
Owner Name: Terry Brown
Driver Name: Terry Brown
Hometown: Elverson, PA
Built By: Terry Brown, Glen Barnett & Tom Gavin
Specifications: First Time Built- 2.5 ton rear & 2.5 ton case; Second Time Built- 5 ton narrowed rears custom reinforced, front & rear steering, disc brakes on driveline flange, 20- Rancho shocks, 514 ci. blown Ford big block, Pro-fab transfer case, 66x43x25- tires- tilt front end on hydralics, dump bed on hydraulics

Where Did It Come From?

– I bought the truck from my dad and drove it to high school and cruised High Street in Pottstown, PA in the early 1980’s. This was no other truck. I created it. This was never John Seasock’s truck of Frackville, PA. I came up with the Eradicator name back when I was driving the truck on the street. .

Where Did It Go?

– I sold the Eradicator to Andy Slifko of Pottsville, PA in the late 1997. Andy then turned the Eradicator into a ride truck. He also had a brand new Eradicator race truck built and then sold the original Eradicator to Dave Waple of Maryland. Dave then renamed the original Eradicator Blackjack. Andy Slifko kept the Eradicator name for his new race trucks. Dave Waple then sold the original Eradicator now Blackjack, to George Gagliardi in Adelaide, South Australia. The original Eradicator is now called Aussie Blackjack. ThisĀ  can be seen at AussieBlackJackMonsterTruck.com. This truck is still performing today in Australia

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