Charles “Kid” Rarig

Name: Charles “Kid” Rarig
Owner & Driver
Name Of Truck: PA Mountain Monster, Mad Man, Walking Tall, Thunder Chicken, Gang Green, Mad Man II
Description: Consistent competitor on TNT Monster Truck Challenge former drag racer/ drag bike. One of the first to tour internationally
Year Started: 1986
Year Finished: 1992
Average Number of Shows or Appearances Per Year: 40
Contributions to Sport/ Industry: One of the first trucks to have self centering. Karen Pensyl was one of the first female drivers
Largest Accomplishment in Sport/ Industry: Champion of the first monster truck race in Puerto Rico. Champion of monster truck race in Tokyo Dome Japan. One of the first to compete in Hawaii.
Contributors and/or people you would like to thank: Tom Beitz, Jeff Zimmerman, Norm Welkom, Karen Pensyl, Ezra Raught, Tom, Yacko, Jerry Vought