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Welcome to the “Monster Database”, the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame’s historical research hub. The mission of the IMTM Research Committee is to document the history of the sport of monster truck racing in one place, viewable by all monster truck fans.

The first phase of the project involves creating a page for every monster truck that has ever existed. On each page, we will then be able to gather every detail of information about each truck that we can, to include photos and links to video footage.

Through use of the “comments” feature on each page, everyone who visits this database can also contribute to it. Please share your facts about each truck and whenever possible, please attempt to give your source for any information shared.

The information we are seeking includes, but is certainly not limited to:

Basic Information: Truck Name, Owner Name, Driver Name, Hometown
Build Information: Date/Year Built, People Involved In Building
Specifications: Any info on the parts and pieces used in building the truck
Where Did It Come From?: We need truck lineage information – was this another truck before it became the current one, what truck did it become next?
Where Did It Go?: We need the current status – where is it now?
Media Featured In: Name & details of any media the truck was featured in, be it a magazine, event program, home video, TV show, etc.
Firsts/Accomplishments: Anything that the truck was notable for being the first to do or any technological feature that it was first to have. Also any notable accomplishments that were made in this truck.
Photographs: Please email any photos you can contribute to and we will get them posted on each truck’s page. Ideally we would prefer the highest resolution, unedited photo you have for the IMTM Photo Archive. The photos will then have the IMTM logo and your name as contributor added in the corner. We will of course accept them in any format you have with your own copyright logo if you so choose, but the higher quality you are willing to share, the better history can be preserved. If you did not take the photograph yourself, please also try to state where the photo was obtained and the original photographer’s name if known. Our goal is to try and cite where each piece of history came from so that proper credit is always given.
Video Footage: We will link to any and all YouTube or other web video service where the truck is featured. YouTube is a great place to share any footage you have as there it will always be available to the general public.
Web Links: Links to anywhere on the internet more information on each truck can be found.
and literally anything else you can contribute, no matter how small or insignificant, even if it’s just a personal story of some of your memories of that truck.

With the earliest roots of the monster truck phenomenon dating back nearly 40 years ago, time is limited for this information to be gathered in one place, accessible to all fans, everywhere. One day in the near future, some of the people involved in this sport’s history will no longer able to share their stories, and in some cases, this has already begun.

Together we can work to save this history for future generations so that it is always available for any fan who wants to learn more about monster trucks. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this project!

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