Announcement at the MTRA Banquet

International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame founder and President Jeff Cook traveled to the 24th Annual Monster Truck Racing Association Awards Banquet in St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend to make a special presentation to the membership.

The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame presentation included information about the formation of the non-profit corporation, the securing of floor space in the Kruse Automotive & Carriage Museum in Auburn, Indiana and about the future goals of and plans for the organization.

IMTM President Jeff Cook speaks at the MTRA Banquet.

Some of the biggest names in monster trucks were in attendance and everyone was very excited to hear about the project. Right after the Banquet concluded, many approached Jeff and begin talking about ways they could help and items they could donate, all expressing their support for this grand undertaking. We thank the MTRA for the opportunity to present to them and look forward to working with them in the future.

Tons more information will be coming to the website shortly as we have some truly incredible things in the works. Also be watching for our first major press release featuring the official announcement of the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame.