2012 International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

(Auburn, Indiana – IMTM PR) – The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame is very proud to officially announce the 20 nominees for the 2012 IMTM Hall of Fame class.

When inducting the first ever IMTM Hall of Fame class in 2011, the Board of Directors felt it the only proper course, to honor those men that are widely recognized as the sport’s originals: Bob Chandler, Jeff Dane, Dan Degrasso, Everett Jasmer, Fred Shafer and Jack Willman.

For the 2012 IMTM Hall of Fame class and beyond, the Board of Directors wanted to put in place a nominating and voting process that ensured the monster truck community is able to influence the selection in a non-biased and open to the public manner.

An official Nominating Committee was established, consisting of 25 people from all aspects of the monster truck industry. The committee included the 8 members of the IMTM Research Committee, along with 17 current & former drivers, promoters, historians and members of the media.

Members of the Nominating Committee were charged with the process of narrowing the great number of candidates who have excelled in the monster truck industry over the years, down to an official voting ballot of 20 names. Each committee member submitted a form listing the 20 names they wish to nominate, along with a brief explanation of the qualifications of each.

When all the nominating forms were received, the IMTM Board of Directors tabulated the results and are now very excited to announce the 20 names submitted most across all nominating committee member forms, the official 2012 IMTM Hall of Fame Nominees:

Allen Pezo
Andy Brass
Army Armstrong
Billy Joe Miles
Bob George
Dan Patrick
Dave Marquart
David Morris
Dennis Anderson
Diehl Wilson
Gary Cook
Gary Porter
George Carpenter
Jim Kramer
Jon Breen
Kirk Dabney
Mike Welch
Pablo Huffaker
Scott Stephens
Seth Doulton

The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame would like to congratulate each of these legendary monster truck figures on officially being nominated for induction into the IMTM Hall of Fame. We would also like to thank the 25 members of the Nominating Committee for their efforts in helping honor some of the most significant figures in the history of monster trucks.

The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame would also like to recognize some of the other incredible people who received nominations but fell just short of the top 20 this year. Here is a complete list of all those who received at least 2 nominations:

Alan Tura, Bob Breen, Brett Engleman, Charlie Mancuso, Charlie Pauken, Cliff Starbird, Dan Patterson, Dave Wieczorek, David Spiker, Don Maples, Gary Bauer, George Eisenhart, Jake Henke, Jan Gabriel, Jesse Birgy, Jim Oldaker, Jim Reis, Kevin Dabney, Mark Bendler, Mark Dye, Mark Hall, Marty Garza, Merideth Doulton, Mike Gallaway, Mike Nickell, Mike Speller, Mike Vaters, Rich Hooser, Rod Litzau, Scott Douglass, Steve Combs, Steve Dane, Tim Hall, Tom Meents, William Townes

With the nominating process now complete, an official voting ballot will be created, listing all 20 nominees. Members of the IMTM Board of Directors, along with previous Hall of Fame Inductees will each receive a voting ballot. They will vote for 5 of the 20 nominees and return their ballot by September 1st.

The 5 nominees receiving the most votes will be inducted into the IMTM Hall of Fame on Saturday, November 3rd in Auburn, Indiana. These 5 inductees will be announced to the public on Saturday, September 15th at the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tickets to attend the 2nd Annual IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion will go on-sale Friday, June 1st and will be available online at www.MonsterMuseum.org.

About the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame

The International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame was established in 2010 with the mission of collecting and archiving the history of the monster truck sport and related aspects of the high performance aftermarket, focusing upon capturing history from the surviving pioneers and legends. Each year, the International Monster Truck Museum will honor the most accomplished and significant people in the history of monster trucks with induction into its Hall of Fame.

Through the accumulation of vehicles, oral histories, videos and still images, the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame will provide a documented history and an entertaining and educational retrospective display about the birth and growth of a purely North American year round motor sport that is geared toward the entire family and the industry it launched for future generations.

More information on the International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame can be found on the organization’s official website, www.MonsterMuseum.org. All of the latest news and updates can be followed on the organization’s Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MonsterMuseum.

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